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For help on how to use up2now please login and select the How To tab.

What is up2now?

It's an online tool used as part of a pilot project being conducted by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES). The aim of the pilot project is to determine the breadth of extra-curricular achievements of NSW students, as well as exploring the best ways for students to record, organise and share their achievements.

Who do I contact if I'm having trouble using the site?

Students should contact their up2now School Coordinator. School coordinators should contact the BOSTES up2now administrator.

Who has access to the information I post?

The BOSTES up2now administrator can view all school and student information and will use statistical information in the evaluation of the pilot project. School coordinators can view the profile summary page of each student in their school. The only other people who can view a student's profile summary page is someone to whom the student has chosen to send a private link.

What happens to my data when the pilot project has finished?

Students involved in the pilot project will have access to their data for six months after the completion of the project. Access beyond this time will be determined by the decisions that BOSTES make upon the completion and evaluation of the pilot project. Students can download their portfolios as a PDF document or ZIP file containing all uploaded items.

I need more help

For students and school coordinators with access to the up2now website, once logged in, you will find user guides, videos and other support materials in the How to section.